Sure! As long as I get to drive the tank.

Welcome to this wonderful blog that is mine. I post political stuff at times. But mostly I post a bunch of Halo and picture edits that I made. I'm a 16 year old with nothing else better to do than scroll through tumblr and attempt to make friends.

~~Yes I take photo editing requests!~~
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I have decided that I am officially tired of being tiny.  I am the smallest of my class and I am just so tiny.  I guess it’s because everyone’s athletic???  Or, I just don’t drink enough milk.  I hate milk.


that feeling of when you’re in a group of friends
but you’re not really in that group of friends

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matching icons for u and ur friends

Stop being inappropriate, guys.  I’m at the library, have a little bit of decency.

Totally kidding if you couldn’t tell  


Especially since every single teacher wants to use Google drive to do assignments.  Plus, I really REALLY miss tumblr.  And all my friends on here.

We’ll hopefully be getting internet back soon.  We haven’t had it since June.  It is now September.  Going to go insane.

But, since I have a job I can pay $100 at the end of this month to help out Dad so we can get it back faster.  And  my brother is going to put in another $100.  So, hopefully we’re going to have internet back in the beginning of October.

School tomorrow. Nervous.

School in four days. Boo.